I travel here every 2 weeks on business, and have eaten at all the major restaurants - this is BY FAR the best food. Glenn W

I wish I didn't live 300 miles away. I would be here every single day. The Snickers Ravioli is a-ma-zing. We just tried the Sunday Brunch Buffet this last time we were here, loved it, and I don't usually like buffets. This was the best! See you in a couple of months! Carrie L , Atlanta, GA

From the very first thing - who raves about a salad?!? - well that was the BEST Ceasar salad I've ever had. The steak was incredible, I could have cut that filet with my fork. Just tremendous, and a great waiter, really knew his stuff. This was our first date, and I think she said yes right away when I said we could come back to Woody's for our second date! Jim R, Tuscaloosa AL

Great service, to die for steak, and off the chain bread and butter combo. I live in Oklahoma and there is no place that could come close to this place in my state. Great place. Bobby, Oklahoma

On a scale of 1 - 10, this was a 14+++. Service was perfect, the Halibut Oscar was probably the best fish I've ever had in my 50 years, and the tableside Bananas Foster is easily my favorite dessert. Thank you, Woody's. Abby J, Sarasota FL

Best steak I ever did eat. Seriously! Uncle Tim - Picayune, MS

The Prime Rib made me want to go home and slap my Momma! I'm gonna take my whole doggone family with me next time I come here. A little gambling... a little prime rib... Can a guy ask for anything more? David Daniels - Bay St. Louis, MS

I eat so much food everytime I go to Woody's. I can't stop. It's the most enjoyable pain I've ever experienced... I'm trying to figure out a way to eat there every night -- it sure is better than my wife's steak (shhhh....). Andy Reynolds - Meridian, MS

I drive from Shreveport, LA once a month to eat these steaks. Take a guess at the number of steak houses I pass up on the way! Yeh, it's a riduclous number, but it's worth the drive. Kenny Smith - Bossier City, LA